~ConnectedKinsfolk ~
Jonthan Johnston          Andrew Gay             John F. Singleton     Charles Post
Margaret Miller            Margaret Mustoe        Lucinda Byrne          Julie Wright
"Life is a country the old
have seen and lived in.
Those who travel through it
      can only learn from them."
Without small bits of information there could be no history

      ..................Dean<<>> Singleton>>><<<P'fost/Post

"Daddy's Hands"

    Discovering in an old ledger in the County Courthouse the name of an ancestor born in early 1700's; marriage record of your great-great grandmother and grandfather; births recorded of seventeen or more children; deeds, land grants, census records. Recording of the death of an infant, two or three children from the same house hold within days caused by an epidemic of scarlet fever or typhoid.
    You feel their grief, their pain. This was their life here on record, left behind for you to find.
    Scanning an old faded photograph, reconstructing the features destroyed by the sands of time. You study the face the eyes, nose and mouth find the resemblance, perhaps your own to an uncle an aunt. You realize that life is a country the old have seen and lived in. We learn from them by learning about them!


Introducing 8 Generations
Approximately 1,171 members/381 families in our data base
The name {Johnston and Johnson} both spelling in this research is the same blood line through Jonthan Johnston.
Direct Connect> Jonthan Johnston, born 1804, Bath County, Virginia
                      Married: December 25, 1829
                                  Margaret Miller, born 1804, Bath County, Virginia
                                  D/O William Jacob Miller
Jonthan and Margaret immigrated westward over the Allegheny Mountains, ending their journey in the Elk Valley near the town of Sutton. This region became Braxton County, West Virginia in 1863.
The biggest trial in their lives was when Jonthan was taken prisoner during the Civil War. He was taken north to Camp Chase in Ohio where he died in 1862.
Margaret was left to stand alone amid a new generation. A slender cord to be broken, a little thread to snap -----------------------.
                 Margaret {Miller} Johnston, died in 1881
                             "-----but the years pass and the
                                                      legend covers them both"
Children of Jonthan and Margaret {Miller} Johnston; James W., Maria, Mary, Benjamin E. Jacob, Virginia, Blanch, Nancy, Tamar, Elizabeth, Abraham, Louvinia
Direct Connect> James W. Johnston, born 1831/died 1909
                      Married: February 3, 1853
                                  Amanda Louisiana Bond, born 1835/died 1909
                                  From Ralls County, Missouri
Children of James W. and Amanda {Bond} Johnston: Mary Ellen, Benjamin Thomas, Nancy Jane, Annie, Sarah Ann, Louvinia, William Sisk, Louisa Mary, Amanda E.
Direct Connect> Benjamin Thomas Johnston, born 1857/died 1936
                      Married: July 18, 1880
                                  Mary Louisa Brown, born 1861/died 1933
Children of Benjamin and Mary Louisa {Brown} Johnston: John Lawrence, Floyd Louis, Flora Jane, Della Mae, Dollie Irene, Blanche Jane, Sarah Ann, unnamed, Rozetta.
Direct Connect> Floyd Louis Johnston, born 1883/died 1957
                      Married: November 9, 1905
                                 Dorthy Irene Green(e), born 1891/died 1969
                                 D/O John Marshall & Susan {Skidmore} Green(e)
<Surname change>
Children of Floyd and Dorthy {Green(e)} Johnson: Eva Gertrude, Evva Genevieve, Boyd Earl, J.E. Edgil, Floyd Edward, Gannath Irene, Susan Inez, Johns Marshall, James Burnell.
Direct Connect> J.E. Edgil Johnson, born 1911/died 1981
                      Married: Addie Beatrice Gay, born 1910/died 1988
                                 D/O George & Lucinda {Freeman} Gay
Children of J.E. Edgil and Addie Beatrice {Gay} Johnson: Eloise, Eldon, Eileene, Darrell, Burnell.
Direct Connect> Eldon Edgil Johnson, born 1934
                      Married: September 17, 1955
                                 Rennie Rowena Singleton, born 1939
                                 D/O Carris & Oleta {Post} Singleton
Children of Eldon and Rennie {Singleton} Johnson: David Michael Johnson
                            David Michael Johnson, born 1957
                            Married: May 17, 1979
                                       Heidi Lee Weirich, born 1953
Children of David and Heidi {Weirich} Johnson: Joshua Carris, Joel Michael


~Life's Pattern~
Life's threads all form a pattern 
some silver, some of gold
And there are new and finer threads
to mingle with the old.
Some tiny threads are broken
a stitch or two is skipped
But, when the work is finished
the pattern isn't ripped.
It forms a perfect blending
of all of life's great dreams.
With love we frame the border
with sorrow sew the seams.
So fold the pattern to your heart,
Sweet memories are the dearest part.

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The Gays in our research are of English Ancestry, traced back for centuries. Records show there has been a long line of prominence.
The early 1600's finds in America by name a William, Samuel and Robert Gay in Virginia.
Samuel Gay and Margaret, located in Orange County, Virginia in 1738. Samuel Gay, born 1698 and died ca 1780. He was a military officer in 1742. Samuel owned property in Rockbridge County, Virginia on the Calfpasture River.
A son of Samuel. Robert Gay, was born ca 1730 and died in 1816 -- Robert was married to a Sarah "Sally" Johnson of Augusta County, Virginia, the daughter of Salathel and Mary Johnson.
A son of Robert, Samuel Gay, born about 1775, died in 1851 -- Samuel married Catherine Mustoe in 1799, Bath County, Virginia.
Birth records of three (3) sons and three (3) daughters of Robert and Catherine {Mustoe} Gay; Mustoe, Jane, Andrew Warrick, Nancy, Margaret Catherine and James.
Direct Connect> Andrew Warrick Gay, born 1807/died 1885
                      Married: 1831
                                 Martha Nolden
Children of Andrew and Martha (Nolden) Gay: Margaret Ann, James William, Samuel Jacob, Robert Noah, Nancy Jane, Elizabeth Catherine, Martha Mary, Andrew, Jr.
Direct Connect> Samuel Jacob Gay, born 1840, Bath County, Virginia
                                              died 1920 Lewis County, West Virginia.
                      Married: 1863
                                 Martha Jane Fox, born 1841/died 1898
                                 D/O Martin and Mary E. Fox
Children of Samuel and Martha Jane (Fox) Gay: Robert, Charles, Mary Susan, James, George Miles, Cora, Noah, John, Earle.
Direct Connect> George MIles Gay, born 1874/died 1959
                      Married: Lucinda Nancy Freeman, born 1880/died 1954
                      D/O Charles and Mary (Moffitt) Freeman
Children of George and Lucinda (Freeman) Gay: Iva Elizabeth, Georgia Ersle, Charles Presley, Addie Beatrice, Mary Leatha, Adrian Lewis, Leonard Miles.
Direct Connect> Addie Beatrice Gay, born 1910/died 1988
                      Married: 1932
                                 J.E. Edgil Johnson, born 1911/died 1981
                                 S/O Floyd and Dorthy (Green[e]) Johnston/Johnson
Children of Addie Beatrice and J.E. Edgil Johnson: Eloise, Eldon, Eileene, Darrell, Burnell.
Direct Connect> Eldon Edgil Johnson, born 1934
                      Married: 1955
                                 Rennie Rowena Singleton, born 1939
                                 D/O Carris and Oleta (Post/P'fost) Singleton


{J.E. Edgil Johnson Home, 250 Arnold St, Weston,Lewis Co., WV}
~ Home ~
We wandered if it would be the same
So we went back today -
That place where we were born,
To store our dreams away.
The winding creek was deep and wide
Had changed a lot since the old days -
The creek had shrunk in size
Beneath the brush and weeds.
But, the 'ol house still stands
It's still beautiful there -
She's stood for over a hundred years
Quite extraordi-nare.
And yet t'would seem like home
The way it used to be -
For friends would live there still
Within our memories.
We think of all the beautiful things
We've seen along the way -
Since we left where we were born
And our dreams of yesterday.

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The surname, Singleton, derived from the village the same name found in Sussex and lancaster Counties in England.
Various spelling of Singleton, Syngletone, Singelton; these spellings all
correspond with the word "shingle" manning a piece of wood. The syllable "tun" means the tun (town) with shingled roofs, or " the town on shingly soil."
The earliest individual found to be associated with the village of Singleton was an Anglo-Saxon called "Huck" or "Hucca" in the Eleven hundreds (1100's).
Records indicate that Huck de Singleton had sons Richard and Robert, daughter Matilda. Richard de Singleton inherited his father's estate, he died in 1211. His son Alen de Singleton inherited the land. Richard married Alice Winwick.
Their children: Ranulf, Henry, Thomas, Alicia, Nan, Adam, and  William
It is thought that all the Singletons in America are descended from "Huck" de Singleton.
<The Early Singletons In America>
Introducing 8 Generations
Approximately 5,465 members and 860 families in our data base
The Singletons are one of the oldest families in America among the very earliest settlements in Virginia.
<Progenitor> - Henry Singleton, arrived in Elizabeth City, Virginia in 1637, no age found. A John Singleton, age 18 arrived about the same time. Elizabeth City is now the city of Hampton, Virginia.
From there, Henry, moved on to Gloucester County. Henry was above average in wealth and held several thousand acres of land. He built a mansion in 1650's at Kingston Parish, Gloucester County.
Henry's sons: Joshua, Samuel, Robert.
<Direct Connect>Robert Singleton, is the earliest of our ancestors that have been documented with certainly.

<Direct Connect> Robert Singleton -{our ancestor} and wife Elizabeth, were parents of six known children, births recorded. Robert stated to be the eldest and Joshua, {our ancestor} Susanna, Mary, Averilla, Isaac.
Robert, lived in Winter Harbor, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co., Virginia, now Mathews Co., Virginia, located on the Chesepeake Bay; this land settled earlier by Henry Singleton.
Richard Singleton, son of Robert Jr., grandson of Robert, was the last known Singleton to own "Bloomsbury" at Ware Neck, Virginia. Richard, owned most of the land on the eastern side of Ware Neck. The Singleton's United Methodist Church on Richard's land was built of logs.
<Direct Connect> Joshua Singleton, {our ancestor} inherited land in Richmond County, Virginia, married Ann McCarty, daughter of Daniel McCarty, resided in North Farnham Parish of Richmond County.
Birth records found for four children: Sarah, Joshua, Anne, Stanley {our ancestor}. They lived in the Totuskey Creek in North Farnham Parish.
<Direct Connect> Stanley Singleton, {our ancestor} was born October 2, 1731. His father died when he was only a few months old, his mother two years later. He was reared by a cousin, Mary Thornton. No records show of his marriage in North Farnham Parish. Birth records for: John, William {our ancestor} Samuel, Joshua, Caty, Elizabeth. They were all married in Fauquier County, Virginia.
<Direct Connect> William Singleton, {our ancestor}, son of Stanley, born about 1762. Married November 8, 1785 in Fauquier County, to Susannah Floweree, daughter of William Daniel and Susannah (French) Floweree. They had one son John Floweree Singleton.
<Direct Connect> John Floweree Singleton {our ancestor} born 1787,
                       Married: March 16, 1812
                                  Lucinda Byrne, born 1793
                                  D/O Uriah and Lydia (Brown) Byrne
John and Lucinda's children: Samuel James, Uriah Washington, William Kemp, Asa Brown, French Floweree, Charles Ellis, Lydia Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Sarah Ann, Ann Eliza, John Stanley.
John Floweree and Lucy, moved with their family to Salt Lick Bridge and Heaters, now in Braxton County, West Virginia. This area was Harrison County until 1836.
John Floweree Singleton, born 1787/died June 15, 1859 from snakebite. His wife Lucy, born 1793/died April 13, 1880.
<Direct Lineage> Asa Brown, son of John F. Singleton
                            James Minter, son of Asa Brown
                                   Asa William, son of James Minter
                                         Carris, son of Asa William
                                              Rennie Rowena, daughter of Carris
                                               Married: Eldon Edgil Johnson
                                S/O J.E. Edgil & Addie Beatrice (Gay) Johnson


The Precious Years
As life's evening shadows enclose us,
we sit at the close of the day
and live more and more,
in the past of days________of yesterday.
Back through the years our thoughts go
to days we were carefree and young,
we ran through the meadows
and climbed over hills just for fun.
Reaching the top of the old apple tree
and swayed and rocked in the breeze
we were as happy as children could be
and listened to the wind and the bees.
Late in the evening wondering around
we tarried by the old swimming hole,
heard the call of the whippoorwill
and found dreams and treasures untold.
Now the precious years of our youth are behind us,
we're getting older, wrinkled and gray,
and still have our dreams
of the days_________of yesterday.

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~P 'fost/Post~
P'fost/Post family ancestral roots from Germany to Lewis County, Virginia ca 1845 - to Gilmer and Braxton Counties in 1874. We look upon our heritage with genuine pride. Tracing back to the early settlers of these counties.
Who were these people who gave us our family names - where did they settle - what were they like - why did they leave their homelands?
They settled in groups giving their character to the areas. Germans of northwest Philadelphia, Germantown and Lancaster Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota.
<The Early P'fost/Posts in America>
Approximately 577 members and 185 families in our data base.
Johann D. P'fost, born 1776 in Germany, married Mary Jean Duenderss, born 1779. Johann and Mary did come to America. Their son Wilhelm Heinrich P'fost brought his wife Margaret Henrietta (Gracen) and one son, Charles, born February 4, 1827. he was a lad of about seven when they came across the ocean in 1834.
Their ship landed in the harbor at Baltimore Maryland. They remained in Baltimore a few years, two daughters were born, Rachel in 1836 and Margaret in 1841.
Their travels westward finally brought them to Lewis County, (west) Virginia near what is now the town of Weston.
<Direct Connect> Johann D. P'fost(our ancestor), born 1776/died 1861
                        Married: 1825
                                   Margaret Henrietta Gracen, born 1803/ died 1843
                2nd. marriage; Christena Hindnes, born 1803/died 1870
The angelic spelling of Wilhelm Heindrich P'fost, was adopted prior to the second marriage. Post, continued to be used throughout the future generations.
William and Margarets children: Charles, Rachel and Margaret
<Direct lineage> Charles Post, born February 4, 1827 in Atlandsberg,
                       Germany died August 1, 1922 in Braxton Co.,WV
           Married: Barbara Jane Swick, born January 16, 1831, Augusta Co.Va.
                                                 died April 1866 in Lewis Co., WV
          2nd. marriage:July 26, 1870
<Direct lineage>     Julia Ann Wright, born August 23,1843 in Doddridge Va
                           died January 1, 1930 in Braxton Co. WV
Charle's two marriages produced 21 children:
               Charles and Barbara's children:William H., born 1850/died 1855,
James L., born 1853, Alice jane, born 1855/died 1922, George L., born 1856/died 1936, William Lowther, born 1860/died 1920, Florence, born 1863/
died 1942, Lisa Ann, born 1864/died 1865, Charles Jackson, born 1865/died 1943.
               Charles and Julia Ann's children: Austin Ambrose, born 1871/died 1966, Arthur Andrew, born 1871/died 1872, Henry Albert, born 1874/died 1948, Ida Ruth, born 1876/died 1956, Sylvester Loyd, born 1878/died 1962, Fernando, born 1880/died 1881, Commellow Louvada, born 1882/died 1947, Walter Willis, born 1885/died 1921,Omar Art, born 1888/died 1974.
<Direct connect> Austin Ambrose Post, born 1871/died 1966
                        Married: 1906
                                   Myrtle Maude Rennie, born 1883/died 1980
                                   D/O Alex and Caroline (Rommetsch) Rennie
Austin and Myrtle's children: Oleta Christina, Clora Ann
<Direct Connect> Oleta Christina Post, born March 13, 1909
                         Married; September 12, 1931
                                    Carris Singleton, born 1911/died 1998
                                    S/O Asa W. &Maude (Dean) Singleton
Children: Leragean Louise, Rennie Rowena
                                                     Rennie Rowena Singleton
                                                     Married: Eldon Edgil Johnson


~With The Passing~
Spring will not ail, nor autum falter,
nothing will know that you are gone.
Saving alone some sullen plough-land
none but yourself set foot upon.
Saving the may-weed and the pig- weed,
nothing will know that you are gone.
These, and perhaps a useless wagon,
standing beside some tumbled shed.
Oh, there will pass with your passing,
little of beauty not your own.
Only the light from common waters,
only the grace from simple stone.

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Jacob F. Rommetsch, born in the Kingdom of Wurttenberg, Germany in 1817. He was about nine years old when he the family immigrated to America.
They boarded a vessel at Amsterdam, Holland traveled by sea for several weeks, arriving in New York about 1827. From there on to Maryland a German settlement called Catonsville.
In 1841, Jacob, his mother Fredericka and two sisiters, as well other German immigrants headed west.
They discovered the land in the Allegeheny Mountains was mauch like their homeland. Water was plentiful, unlimited supply of timber, abundance of wild animals.
<Direct connect> Jacob Frederick Rommetsch, joined in marriage with Louisa Christina Smith in 1846. Louisa, daughter of Michael and Rocena Smith. They became parents of eight children.

 1. Mary Elizabeth Rommetsch
    Married: John Moss
2. Clementine Rommetsch
    Married: George Frederick Gerwig
3. Amelia Christina Rommetsch
    Married: William "Bill" Mohr
4. Christian Mathias Rommetsch
5. Caroline Catherine Rommetsch
    Married: Alexander Rennie
6. Margaret Helen Rommetsch
    Married: John West
7. Virginia Rommetsch
8. Lucy Rommetsch
<Direct connect>Caroline Catherine Rommetsch, born  November 24, 1856
                                                             died February 27, 1944
                       Married: October 16, 1882
                                   Alexander Rennie, born April 16, 1846
                                                          died August 28, 1914
                                  S/O William and Elizabeth (Addie) Rennie
Caroline and Alex's children: Myrtle Maude, Jennie Gay, Elizabeth Rocena, Essie Blanche, William, Robert Lee, Mabel Agnes.
<Direct connect> Myrtle Maude Rennie, born October 14, 1883
                                                   died October 21, 1980
                       Married: September 11, 1906
                                  Austin Ambrose Post, born February 16, 1871
                                                              died December 6, 1966
                                  S/O Charles and Julia Ann (Wright) Post
Children: Clora Ann, Oleta Christina
<Direct connect> Oleta Christina Post, born March 13, 1909
                        Married: September 12, 1931
                                   Carris Singleton, born February 24, 1911
                                                         died January 25, 1998
                                   S/O Asa W. & Maude (Dean) Singleton
Children: Leragean Louise, Rennie Rowena
<Direct connect> Rennie Rowena Singleton,born January 14, 1939
                        Married: September 17, 1955
                                   Eldon Edgil Johnson
                                   S/O Edgil and Bea (Gay) Johnson

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~ Smith ~
"German Ancestry"
Michael Schmidt {Smith}
Son of Mattheis and Withelmina Schmidt, was born in Germany. he came to America in 1830 along with his wife Roceina C. (Moyner) and seven children. First settling near Baltimore, Maryland.
Michael, was of the Protestant faith - he served three years and five months with the Body Grenadier Guard in the Napolenic war as a messenger boy. He was 23 years old. He was granted a discharge, perhaps to emigrate to America.
The Schmidt family sailed on a vessel from Amsterdam, Holland to New York, traveling on to Maryland near Baltimore/Catonville, where German emigrants congregated. The germans had left their native land because of the poverty and hardship the war had caused in Central Europe during the 1800's.
From Maryland, moving on westward to establish new settlements traveling in groups and staying in groups in new locations.
Family names of: Gerwig, Whitsel, Nutter, Cutlip, Engel, Stonestreet, Bennett, Warner, Rommetsch, Brady, Schmidt.......................................
Michael owned property, a home and some sort of business in the Baltimore area, he was very religious and believed in God as did the whole family.
{Information of Michael was taken from translated German letters and records kept in old family Bibles}
<Direct Connect> Mathew (Mattheis) Schmidt,born 1782/died 1859
                                  Withelmina born 1779/died 1858
Mattheis and Wthelmina's children; Michael, Regina, ferinand, Christina, Wilhelmina, John, Minas.
<Direct connect> Michael Schmidt, born 1804/died 1879
                       Married: 1818
                                  Rocina Christina Moyner, born 1806/died 1881
Michael and Rocina's children; Johns Michael, Jacob, Christian, Mary, Katherine, Amenia, Louisa
<Direct connect>Louisa Christina Schmidt, born 1826/died 1865
                       Married: 1846
                                  Jacob Frederick Rommetsch, born 1817/died 1903
Louisa and Jacob's children; Mary, Clementine, Amelia, Caroline Catherine, Margaret, Virginia, Lucy.
<Direct connect> Caroline Catherine Rommetsch, born 1856/died 1944
                        Married: 1882
                                   Alexander Rennie, born 1846/died 1914
Caroline and Alexander's children; Myrtle, Jennie, Elizabeth, Essie, William, Robert, Mabel
<Direct connect> Myrtle Maude Rennie, born 1883/died 1980
                       Married; 1906
                                  Austin Ambrose Post, born 1871/died 1966
Myrtle and Austin's children; Clora and Oleta
<Direct connect> Oleta Christina Post, born 1909
                        Married; 1931
                                   Carris Singleton, born 1911/died 1998
Oleta and Carris's children; Leragean and Rennie
<Direct connect> Rennie Singleton
                                 Eldon Edgil Johnson


`````````~~~~As the twig is bent
so grows the tree~~~~````````

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"Scotch Ancestry"
 What's in a name, that which we call a rose
............................................................ by any other name would smell so sweet!
The following chronicle or recount has come about from family members, most of who are now deceased. From records kept in family bibles, newspapre clippings of births and deaths, marriage and anniversary notes jotted down. Notes and cards in old "Memorabilia Boxes".
Also based on the members of the fourth generation from the progenitor, William Rennie. Their personal recollections and observations, stories handed down from their elders.
It dates back to the 16th. century!
Two brothers, Robert and David Rennie; David a ship builder, Robert an officer in the English Army. This was during the Scottish Revolution.
When Scotland was defeated, Robert fled the country, Robert Rennie, returned to Scotland when the Prince died. He married the daughter of the miller who helped him escape Scotland.
There were three children: Alexander, Agnes, and Isabel. Alexander married a girl by name of Nelson they had two children; William and Robert.
<Direct connect> William Rennie
                        Married: April 4, 1843 near Newart Hill, Scotland
                                   Elizabeth Addie
William and Elizabeth's children: Elizabeth Rennie, Alexander Rennie , Agnes Rennie, James Rennie, David Rennie, William Rennie, Jane R. Rennie, Gavin A. "Guy" Rennie, Robert Rennie, Isabelle Rennie, Richard Rennie

~~~<^>Elizabeth Rennie
~~~<^>Alexander Rennie
~~~<^>Agnes Rennie
~~~<^>James Rennie
~~~<^>David Rennie
~~~<^>William Rennie
~~~<^>Jane R. Rennie
~~~<^>Gavin A. "Guy" Rennie
~~~<^>Richard Rennie
<Direct connect>Alexander Rennie, born April 16, 1856/died August 28, 1914
                       Married: October 16, 1882
                                  Caroline Catherine Rommetsch, born 1856/died1944
Children: Myrtle Maude, Jenny Gay, Elizabeth Rocena, Essie Blanche,
           William, Robert, Mabel Agnes.
<Direct connect> Myrtle Maude Rennie
                       Married; Austin Ambrose Post


~A Dreamers Travels~
A journey to Scotland I would love to take,
a search for my ancestors I would make,
to travel the lowlands I'd like very much;
meeting strange people especially the dutch.
It would be to Germany next I would go,
to find my relatives that I might know,
learn how they lived there in days of old;
then I'd have memories to have and to hold.
A trip to England then I would admire,
to find my kinfolk I'd surely desire,
I'd visit the cities and step out in style; 
and roam the country side mile after mile.
Visiting these lands would be a grand tour,
but, I'd want to return again I am sure,
to the quietness of my old mountain home;
so why overseas would I want to roam.
Oleta C. Singleton 

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The earliest Dean recorded in this research is John Dean, born 1770_______  the progenitor. John married Catherine Heavener, born ca 1796.
Known children: William and John
{9 Generations researched}
William Dean was born in Pendelton County, Virginia in 1796 - he died in Braxton County, West Virginia in Jnauary 1882. William served in the war of 1812; he was given a land grant in the present day Braxton County in 1821. William returned to Pendelton County in 1825 where he married Nancy Killingsworth in that year.
<Direct connect> William Dean, born 1796/died 1882
                        Married:December 4, 1825
                                   Nancy Killingsworth, born 1801/died 1850
William and Nancy's children; Martha Ann, Phebe, Mary Ann, Jacob William, Richard Newton, Daniel Wesley, Ruhama Rachel, Lucinda Jane, William Jr.
Jacob William and Lucinda Jane, brother and sisiter} Jacob's daughter Elizabeth <direct lineage> and Lucinda's son Joseph <direct lineage> married in 1880.
<Direct connect> Jacob William Dean, born 1832/died 1870
                        Married: December 28, 1845
                                   Luticia Ellen Williams, born 1835/died after 1870
Jacob and Luticia's children: Rhuhama, Henry, Charles, James, Sarah Ann, Elizabeth, Thomas, Phebe, Jacob Jr.
<Direct connect> Lucinda Jane Dean, born 1847/died 1888
                       Lucinda had two sons George and Joseph <direct lineage>
                      Lucinda married August 27, 1871
                                          Irwin W. Bragg, born 1838
S/O Jesse and Ida (Dicks) Bragg
Lucinda and Irwin's children: Henry Tucker, Gabriel G., Daniel Webster, Biddy Jane, Samuel J. Anna and Mary M
< Direct connect>Joseph Dean, and Elizabeth Dean <direct lineage>
Joseph and Elizabeth's children:Mary, born 1880, Daniel, born 1883, Minter, born 1884, Ernestine, born 1886, Maude Catherine, born 1887, Charles, born 1889, Carrie, born 1891, Sarah, born 1893, James, born 1894, Arthur, born 1896, Russell, born 1898, Ray, born 1901, Samuel, born 1905, Clyde, born 1907.
<Direct connect> Maude Catherine Dean, born March 9, 1888/died 1945
                       Married: September 16, 1906
                                  Asa William Singleton,
                                  S/O Minter and Victoria (Toppins) Singleton
Maude and Asa"s children: Matthew, Goldie, Harry, Carris, Sylvia, Pauline, Basil.
<Direct connect> Carris Singleton, born 1911/died 1998
                        Married: 1931
                                   Oleta C. Post
                                   D/O Austin and Myrtle (Rennie) Post
Carris and Oleta's children: Leragean and Rennie


[Old Songs]
I sit beside the fire and think
of all that I have seen,
of meadow-flowers and butterflies
in summer that have been;
Of yellow leaves and glossamer
in autumns that there were,
with morning mist and silver sun
and wind upon my hair.
I sit beside the fire and think
of how the world will be
when winter comes without a spring
that I shall ever see.
For still there are so many things
that I have never seen:
in every wood in every spring
there is a different green.
I sit beside the fire and think
of people long ago,
and people who will see a world
that I shall never know.
But all the while I sit and think
of times there were before,
I listen for returning feet
and voices at the door.
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The good old days are labeled good, because they are in the past,
we do not have to live through them again!
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