Samuel Gay
Margaret Catherine Mustoe
Married 1799
Samuel Gay S/O Robert and Hannah (Moore) Gay
Margaret Mustoe D/O Anthony and Dorthy (Silor) Mustoe
“The Mustoe Roots”
[Note: The spelling found early data Muston, Mustow]
After 1660 Musto early 1700 Mustoe

{1} William Muston, (b. 1552) married Bridgett Clarke in 1583
(2) William Muston, (b. 1590) s/o William and Bridgett
(3) Richard Mustow, (. ca1615) s/o William married Alice ? in 1641
(4) Anthony Mustow, (b.ca1644) married Elizabeth Frank
(5) John Musto, (b. 1666) married Dorthia Cooks
(6) Joseph Musto, (b. ca1683/d.1741) married Sarah ?
(7) Anthony Mustoe, (b. 1702) married Margaret Sampler in 1721
(8) George Mustoe, (b.1723/d.1767) married Mary Robertson in 1748
(9) Anthony Mustoe, (b. 1748/d.1807)
(1st. wife) married in 1777
                 Anne Marchant
(2nd. wife) married in 1780
                   Mary Dorthy Silor
                            d/o Jacob and Dorthy Mary (Harless) Silor

Anthony Mustoe
Anthony Mustoe, a descendant of Anthony Mustoe born ca1702, his mothers name was Margaret Sampler. They lived in the ancestral home near White Chapel Church, London, England.

Anthony and Margaret Mustoe  had a son, George Mustoe, born ca1723, died 1767, married Mary Roberts in 1744, London, England. George Mustoe had a son Anthony Mustoe, born September 23, 1748 in Tongue Yard near White Chapel Church, London, England. He died June 18, 1807 in Bath County, Virginia..

Anthony Mustoe, born September 23, 1748; died June 18, 1807; married Dorthy Silor, born February 6, 1760 in Frederick Co., Maryland; died 1785; the daughter of Jacob and Dorthy Silor. Jacob and Dorthy Silor came from Elsaw, Germany to Maryland in 1759.
Mustoe Roots cont.

Children of Anthony and Dorthy (Silor) Mustoe:

Sarah Mustoe
Margaret Mustoe (married) Samuel Gay)
Anthony Mustoe (married) Anna Givens
Elizabeth Mustoe (married) William Littlepage
Nancy Mustoe(married) Henry Givens
Katherine Mustoe(married) Samuel McGuffin
Chambers Mustoe

Anthony Mustoe, served in the Colonial Army in the 5th. and 12th. Virginia Regiments. Anthony died in Bath County, Virginia in 1807, according to the Annals of Bath County.

“The Silor Roots”
[Note: Spelling found- Saylor, Seylor, Silor]

{1} Jacob Saylor
(2) Daniel Saylor, (b.Jan. 15. 1708/d.Jan. 1773) in Beaver Dam Falls, Frederick Co. Pa.
married Anne ? in 1738 in Augusta Co. Virginia
(3) Jacob Silor s/o Daniel and Anne, (b.1740/d.1789) in Augusta Co. Virginia
married Dorthy Mary Harless, born 1742
d/o John Phillip and Ann Margaretha (Preiss) Harless

“The Harless Roots”

{1} John Phillip Harless, (b. 1716 in Germany/d. 1773 in Augusta Co. Va.)
married Ann Margaretha Preiss, born 1718 in Germany

“The Preiss Roots”

{1} Johann Heinrick Preiss, (b. 1692 in Germany)
married Agnes ? (b.1718/d.1784

Samuel Gay and Margaret (Mustoe) Gay are my (gggg) grandparents 4 times removed. <Eldon E. Johnson>


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Samuel Gay
Samuel Gay

More is known about Samuel Gay, son of Robert and Hannah (Moore) Gay through baptismal records (church records), court records, entitlements, deeds, wills, etc.

-1- Samuel Gay, 1st. born to Robert & Hannah (Moore) Gay
m. September 12, 1799
Margaret Catherine Mustoe, b.1782/d.1840
d/o Anthony & Mary Dorthy (Silor) Mustoe


A1- Mustoe Gay, b. 1800

B2- Jane Gay, b. 1803

C3- Andrew Gay, b. 1807

D4- Nancy Gay, b. 1808

E5- Margaret Gay, b. 1810

F6- James Gay, b. 1813

Samuel Gay
Margaret (Mustoe) Gay cont.
*Mustoe Gay

-A1- Mustoe Gay, 1st. born to Samuel & Margaret (Mustoe) Gay
b. 6-11-1800/d. 3-1846 Bath Co.,Va.
m. 3-13-1834
Judith D. Sims, 1807/d. 3-1853
d/o James Hamilton Sims of Pocahantas Co. Va.

1. Mary Elizabeth Gay

2. Margaret Alice Gay

1. Mary Elizabeth Gay, 1st. born to Mustoe & Judith (Hamilton) Gay
b. 1838/d. 1-20-1912
m. 6-29-1870
James B. Andrews, b. 1904/d. 4-23-1904

2. Margaret Alice Gay, 2nd. born to Mustoe & Margaret (Hamilton) Gay
b. 12-27-1841/d. 7-3-1888
m. 10-23-1886 in Bath Co., Va.
Marshall Perry Haymond, b. 4-1-7-1837/d. 2-2-1893

1. Florence, b. 8-24-1867/d. 4-5-1949

2. Infant girl, b. 12-23-1868/d. 12-23-1868

3. Clara Belle, b. 1-29-1870/d. 4-17-1941

4. Sidney Albert, b. 2-14-1872/d. 2-2-1943

5. Lourena Alice, b. 9-30-1874/d. 1959

6. Ann Olatha, b. 7-7-1876/d. 5-3-1948

7. Loomis Marshall, b. 9-16-1881/d. 10-20-1970

1. Florence Haymond, 1st. born to Margaret & Marshall Haymond
b. 1867/d. 1949
m. 11-30-1887 Upshur Co., WV
Howard Hampton Woodford
1. Boyers Osburn Woodford, b. 1888/d. 1953

2. Margaret Alice Woodford, b. 1889/d. 1889

3. Elsie Mabel Woodford, b. 1891/d. 1965

4. Howard Adam Woodford, b. 1893/d. 1973

5. James Perry Woodford, b. 1895/d. 1977

6. Andrew Roy Woodford, b. 1898/d. 1983

7. Hugh Edward Woodford, b. 1900/d. 1988

8. Delsie Woodford, b. 1902/d. 1989

9. Josephine Woodford, b. 1904/d. 1918

Samuel Gay
Margaret (Mustoe) Gay cont.
* Jane Gay

-B2- Jane Gay, 2nd. born to Samuel & Margaret (Mustoe) Gay
b. 11-18-1803/d. 4-16-1879
m. 8-15-1825
     Richard Snead, Jr.
                1. Samuel Snead, b. 6-26-1826/d. 3-15-1862