Samuel Gay
Margaret (Mustoe) Gay cont.
* Andrew Warrick Gay

-C3- Andrew Warrick Gay, 3rd. born to Samuel & Margaret (Mustoe) Gay
         b. 5-10-1807(near Warm Springs, Bath Co., Va.)
         d. 4-12-1881 (Collins Settlement, Lewis Co., WV)
             m. 3-15-1831 (Bath Co., Va.
                 Martha Mary Knowlden, b. 1807 (in England)
                                                              d. 6-3-1885 (Oil Creek, Lewis Co., WV)

Martha was born in Rye Kent County, England; came to US when she was 21. Spelling of surname also as Nolden Andrew, is listed in the “Early Western Augusta Pioneer’s” last listed in the 1880 Lewis Co., WV census #Co45

              -1a- James William Gay, /1834
              -2b- Margaret Ann Gay, /1837
              -3c- Samuel Jacob Gay, /1840
              -4d- Robert Noah Gay, /1841
              -5e- Nancy Jane Gay, /1843
              -6f- Elizabeth Catherine Gay, /1845
              -7g- Martha Ann Gay, /1847
              -8h- Andrew Warrick Gay, Jr., /1851

Samuel Gay
Margaret (Mustoe) Gay
C3 Andrew Warrick Gay cont.

-1a- James Willaim Gay, 1st. born to Andrew W. & Martha Mary(Knowlden) Gay
        b. 11-25-1834 (in Bath Co., Va.) /d. after 1880
        m. 9-1-1859 (in Lewis Co., (W)Va.
            Almira Mahana Shoulders, b. 1883 (in Virginia)

             {1} Albert Jacob Gay
             {2} George Andrew Gay
             {3} William Lawrence Gay

{1} Albert Jacob Gay, 1st. born to James & Almira (Shoulders) Gay
       b. 6-17-1861
      m. 4-21-1881
           Mary Rebecca Wilkerson, b. 1860

               1. James Wilkerson Gay, b. 2-24-1884
               2. Joshua Gay, b. 6-28-1886
               3. Mary Martha Gay, b. 6-27-1887

C3Samuel Gay
Margaret (Mustoe) Gay
Andrew Warrick Gay cont.

-2b- Margaret Ann Gay, 2nd. born to Andrew W. & Martha Mary(Knowlden) Gay
        b. 2-4-1837 (in Bath Co., Va.) /d. 6-7-1926 (in Oil Creek, Lewis Co.WV)
       m. 3-10-1857 (in Lewis Co., WV)
           Fleming K. Brinkley, b. 12-15-1826/d. 11-26-1893
               {1} Robert Brooks Brinkley
               {2} Flora Ann Brinkley
               {3} Thaddeus W. Brinkley

{1} Robert Brooks Brinkley, 1st. born to Margaret (Gay) & Fleming K. Brinkley
       b. 1859/d. 1927
       m. Mary Ann Houghton, b. 1851/d. 1931
               1. James Fleming Brinkley, b. 1892/d. 1949
                   m. Audrey Lee McCord, b. 1894/d. 1974

               2. Charles Brooke Brinkley, b. 1917/d. 1964
                   m. 1944
                        Olive Marjorie Waggoner, b. 1917/d. 1996

Children of Charles & Olive (Waggoner) Brinkley
                                     1. Charles Brooks Brinkley, b. 1946

{2} Flora Ann Brinkley, 2nd. born to Margaret (Gay) & Fleming K. Brinkley
       b. 12-7-1860/d. 1-23-1941
       m. 3-10-1872 (in Lewis Co., WV)
            William Lee Smith, b. 6-6-1857/d. 11-29-1925
                 1. Harry Fleming Smith

1. Harry Fleming Smith, 1st. born to Flora (Brinkley) & William Smith
    b. 8-21-1873/d. 9-14-1970
    m. 6-27-1916 (in Clarksburg, Harrison Co., WV)
         Ruth Virginia Ofield, b. 9-27-1923
                 1. Robert Brooks Smith, Jr. b. 1943

{3} Thaddeus W. Brinkley, 3rd. born to Margaret (Gay) & Fleming K. Brinkley
       b. 4-1864/d. 1933
      m. 5-14-1891 (in Upshur Co., WV)
           Vadie C. Allman, b. 7-1870
                 1. Randall Brinkley, b. 10-1892
                 2. Allman Brinkley, b. 11-1893
                 3. George R. Brinkley, b. 5-1896
                 4. Maud D. Brinkley, b. 12-1899

Samuel Gay
Margaret (Mustoe) Gay
C3 Andrew Warrick Gay cont.
“Great Grandpa”

Let me tell ya a little story
     ‘bout a lad named “Sam”
   Samuel Jacob was his name
     but preferred the nick name “Sam”.

His father’s name was Andrew
     his mother Martha gave him birth
   In the year of 1840
     for all that it is worth.

He tilled the soil for farming
     this was his livilihood
   But young men fall in love
      and want out on their own

              So he married Martha Fox
          and they made themselves a home

Wait a minute _________ not quite yet
       the story is not complete
                     there’s a family to meet !

* First, was Robert Warrick
     born in 1865
   Laura Jane Canfield
     became his blushing bride.

* Next came Charles Marshall
     born in 1868
   he choose Georgia Belle Freeman
     to be his mate.

* The third was Mary Susan
     born in 1869
   she married James Riffle
     in the year of 1889.

* Number four was James Layfette
     born in 1871
   it was Sallie Keener
     to whom he gave his bond.

* George Miles was number five
     born in 1874
   he married Lucinda Freeman
     and made their home secure

* Cora Francis was number six
     born in 1877
   it was John Winemiller
     to whom her vowels were given.

* Number seven was Noah Marcellus
     born in 1879
   a lass named Rosa Atkinson
     suited him just fine.

* Number eight was John Woodrow
     born in 1882
   Bessie Woodell stood by his side
     and they repeated “I do”.

* Earl Fleming was the last
     born in 1884
   he found Mattie Fury
     and never searched no more.

The family of “Sam” and Martha,
     two daughters, seven sons
         a start of the beginning
             of the story yet to come.


-3c- Samuel Jacob Gay, 3rd. born to Andrew W. & Martha Mary(Knowlden) Gay
       b. 4-26-1840 (in Bath Co., Va.)/d. 2-18-1920 (In Lewis Co., WV)
      m. 12-31-1863
           Martha Jane Fox, b. 9-12-1841/d. 5-20-1898
                                      d/o Martin & Mary E. (Watson) Fox
                {1} Robert Warrick Gay
                {2} Charles Marshall Gay
                {3} Mary Susan Gay
                {4} James Lafayette Gay
                {5} George Miles Gay
                {6} Cora Francis Gay
                {7} Noah Marcellus Gay
                {8} John Woodrow Gay
                {9} Earl Flemming Gay

{1} Robert W. Gay, 1st born to Samuel Jacob & Martha (Fox) Gay
       b. 1-1-1865/d. 1946
       m. 8-9-1888 (in Lewis Co., WV)
            Laura Jane Canfield, b. 11-12-1868/d. 5-26-1956
                1. Pearl Gay, b. 1889
                2. Iva May Gay, b. 1890
                3. Opal Arlette Gay, b. 1891
                4. Cecil Gay, b. 1893
                5. Myrtle Gay, b. 1894
                6. Lawrence Gay, b. 1896
                7. Goldie Gay, b. 1899

1. Pearl Gay, 1st. born to Robert W. & Laura Jane (Canfield) Gay
    b. 11-1889
    m. 1-7-1917
                           John D. Fury
3. Opal Gay, 3rd. born to Robert W. & Laura Jane (Canfield) Gay
    b. 7-1891
    m. 10-9-1915
        Grant Fury
5. Myrtle Gay, 5th. born to Robert W. & Laura Jane (Canfield) Gay
    b. 1894
    m. 12-22-1917
         Thomas A. Freeman
6. Lawrence Gay, 6th. born to Robert W. & Laura Jane (Canfield) Gay
    b. 1896
   m. 1927
       Evelyn Rose Call, b. 1906/d. 1988
               1. Wesley Gay
               2. Ralph Gay
               3. Cecil Thomas Gay
              4. Lawrence D. Gay
4. Lawrence D.Gay, 4th. born to Lawrence & Evelyn (Call) Gay
    b. 11-3-1928
    m. Janet Joan Belt
                              d/o Robert Belt
                 1. Roger Gay
                 2. Laura Gay

Samuel Gay
Margaret (Mustoe) Gay
C3 Andrew Warrick Gay
-3c- Samuel Jacob Gay cont.

{2} Charles Marshall Gay, 2nd. born to Samuel Jacob & Martha (Fox) Gay
       b. 1-15-1868/d. 4-26-1952
      m. 11-22-1903 (in Lewis Co., Va.)
           Georgia Belle Freeman, b. 5-10-1886/d. 6-10-1907
                                                      d/o Charles and Mary Elizabeth (Moffitt) Freeman
                {1} Margarett Mae Gay
                {2} Thelma Lou Gay

{1} Margarett Mae Gay, 1st. born to Charles & Georgia (Freeman) Gay
      b. 1889 (in Lewis Co., Va.)
      m. Claude Albert Lewis, b. 1901 (in Lewis Co., Va)

{2} Thelma Lou Gay, 2nd. born to Charles & Georgia (Freeman) gay
       b. 2-12-1907
      m. 12-24-1928 (in Lewis Co., Va.)
           Ralph Thomas McCord, b. 8-20-1907/d. 4-9-1964
                1. Ralph Thomas McCord, Jr., 1sst. born to Thelma & Thomas McCord
                    b. 7-30-1930
                    m. 6-24-1951
                         Betty Jane Smith
                 1. Thomas McCord, b. 10-2-1954
                 2. Pamela Jane McCord, b. 7-12-1956
                 3. Clinton David McCord, b. 8-16-1957/d. 1-27-1991
                 4. Mary Lynn McCord, b. 9-5-1958

2. Pamela Jane McCord, 2nd. born to Ralph Jr. & Betty (Smith) McCord
    b. 7-12-1956
   m. 7-6-1974 1st. marriage
        Gregory May (1st. marriage)
                        Austin Clarke (2nd. marriage)

4. Mary Lynn McCord
    b. 9-5-1958
   m. David Ferguson

Samuel Gay
Margaret (Mustoe) Gay
C3 Andrew Warrick Gay
-3c- Samuel Jacob Gay cont.

{3} Mary Susan Gay¸ 3rd. born to Samuel Jacob & Martha (Fox) Gay
       b. 1869/d. 1960 (born Lewis Co., WV.)                  (Bur. Gay Cemetery Orlando, Lewis Co)
      m. 3-27-1889 (in Lewis Co., WV)
           James Fleming Riffle, b. 1861/d. 1913
                                              (born in Lewis Co., WV.)   (Bur. Gay Cemetery Orlando, Lewis Co.)

Samuel Gay
Margaret (Mustoe) Gay
C3 Andrew Warrick Gay
-3c- Samuel Jacob Gay cont.

{4} James Layfette Gay, 4th. born to Samuel Jacob & Martha (Fox) Gay
        b. 1871/d. 1955
        m. 8-10-1893
             Sallie Elizabeth Keener, b. 5-10-1886/d. 6-10-1907
                {1} William Keener Gay
                {2} Icie Dell Gay
                {3} Florence Gay
                {4} Mary Lettie Gay

{1} William  Keener Gay, 1st. born to James & Sallie(Keener) Gay
        b. 11-20-1894/d. 1-25-1895  (age 1yr.10mo.5da.)

{2} Icie Dell Gay, 2nd. born to James & Sallie (Keener) Gay
       b. 1-1897
       m. 1-6-1919
           Delmar Lee Skinner

{3} Florence Gay, 3rd. born to James & Sallie (Keener) Gay
       b. 2-22-1899/d. 8-6-1986
       m. 12-24-1920
           Alvin Bruce Swisher, b. 2-10-1887/d. 12-31-1953
                                                 s/o James Perry & Amanda Jane (Hinzman) Swisher

                1. Alvin Eugene Swisher
                2. Virginia Dale Swisher
                3. James Clifford Swisher
                4. Leland Gale Swisher
                5. Robert Francis Swisher
                6. Garnetta Irene Swisher
                7. Wilma Carolyn Swisher
                8. Anna Lee Swisher
                9. Larry Wayne Swisher

1. Alvin Eugene Swisher, 1st. born to Florence & Alvin Bruce Swisher
    b. 11-3-1921/d. 12-27-1973
    m. Norma Jane Chapman
                                   d/o Paul & Wanda Chapman

               1. Sheila Rae Swisher, b. 2-15-1952
               2. Ronald Eugene Swisher, b. 2-14-1954
               3. Deborah Ann Swisher, b. 4-25-1955
              4. Julia Dawn Swisher, b. 5-5-1959

2. Virginia Dale Swisher, 2nd. born to Florence & Alvin Bruce Swisher
     b. 6-30-1923/d. 2-9-1932

3. James Clifford Swisher, 3rd. born to Florence & Alvin Bruce Swisher
    b. 11-19-1924/d. 2-28-1992
    m. 6-22-1943
                     Marjorie Ruth Smith, b. 7-20-1920
                                                          d/o Floyd Albert & Ida Blanche (Null) Smith

                 1. James Benjamin Swisher, b. 10-21-1947
                 2. Ruth Ann Swisher, b. 10-29-1953
                 3. David Lee Swisher, b. 7-11-1957

2. Ruth Ann Swisher, 2nd. born to James Clifford & Marjorie (Smith) Swisher
    b. 10-29-1953
   m. 2-20-1971
        William Clifford MaHaney
                                          s/o Charles & Eva (Burke) MaHaney

Children of Ruth Ann & William MaHaney
                                       1. William Mathew MaHaney, b. 9-10-1971

                                       3. David Lee Swisher, 3rd. born to James Clifford& Marjorie (Smith) Swisher
                                           b. 7-11-1957
                                          m. 10-16-1976
                                               Terri Dean Flanagan, b. 6-30-1958
                                                                                     d/o Wayne & Evadean (Phillips) Flanagan

                 1. Michael David Swisher, b. 4-26-1977

                 2. Kathileen Ann Swisher, b. 3-31-1981

                                     4. Leland Gale Swisher, 4th. born to Florence & Alvin Bruce Swisher
                                         b. 8-1-1925
                                         m. 12-25-1956
                                             Janice L. Pegram, b. 7-5-1939

                1. Marcia Gail Swisher, b. 11-17-1958

1. Marcia Gail Swisher, 1st. born to Leland & Janice (Pegram) Swisher
    b. 11-17-1958
   m. 5-22-1982
        Dennis E. Fisher

                 1. Dennis Fisher, b. 10-13-1984

5. Robert Francis Swisher, 5th. born to Florence & Alvin Bruce Swisher
     b. 1-4-1926/d. 4-13-1926

6. Garnetta Jane Swisher, 6th. born to Florence & Alvin Bruce Swisher
     b. 9-21-1927
     m. 10-16-1948
          William Albert Dotson, b. 4-12-1928
                                                    s/o William Frederick & Hillard (Lemon) Dotson

                1. Pamela Eileen Dotson, b. 10-15-1949
                 2. William Frederick Dotson, b. 9-23-1956/d. 8-27-1977

7. Wilma Carolyn Swisher, 7th. born to Florence & Alvin Bruce Swisher
     b. 6-7-1929
     m. 1st. marriage
          Morris Rhodes, b. 12-28-1923

Children:  1. Tamara Leigh Rhodes
                  2. Anthony Keith Rhodes

1. Tamara Leigh Rhodes, 1st. born to Wilma & Morris Rhodes
    b. 8-5-1954
   m. 9-7-1979
       Carl Edwin Nichols

2. Anthony Keith Rhodes
    b. 7-15-1955
    m. 12-31-1980
        Brenda Phillips

(Wilma Carolyn’s 2nd. marriage) 12-20-1975
George Ronald Ray, b. 2-10-1941
s/o George & Belle (Evans) Ray

8. Anna Lee Swisher, 8th born to Florence & Alvin Bruce Swisher
    b. 8-12-1933
    m. 5-29-1952
         Guy Carlton Seadden, b. 7-24-1931

                 1. Steven Guy Seadden, b. 7-24-1954
                 2. Judith Ann Seadden, b. 2-16-1959

1. Steven Guy Seadden, 1st. born to Anna Lee & Guy Seadden
    b. 3-31-1954
   m. Lisa Ann Fenstermaker

Children: 1. Evan Carlton, b. 10-24-1986

2. Judith Ann Seadden, b. 2-16-1959

9. Larry Wayne Swisher, 9th. born to Florence & Alvin Bruce Swisher
     b. 1-9-1942
     m. 1-11-1963
          Linda Kay Metz, b. 5-29-1943

                1. Carma L. Swisher
                2. Sherry M. Swisher
                3. Melissa K. Swisher

1. Carma L. Swisher, 1st. born to Larry & Linda (Metz) Swisher
    b. 9-14-1964
    m. 6-2-1984
         Mark D. Miller

Children:  1. Shawn M. Miller, b. 11-12-1981
                  2. Chad M. Miller, b. 3-4-1986

2. Sherry M. Swisher, 2nd. born to Larry & Linda (Metz) Swisher
    b. 10-24-1966
    m. 8-22-1986
         Larry N. Gault

3. Melissa K. Swisher, 3rd. born to Larry & Linda (Metz) Swisher
    b. 10-3-1971

{4} Mary Lettie Gay, 4th. born to James and Sallie (Keener) Gay
      b. 1901
      m. 1927
          William Ashley Freeman